We Made It! 

I had started to think that posting about our house buying process was jinxing the whole thing…so I stopped for a whole 6 months!

After my last house update post (Third Time Lucky), our sellers managed to both find a house and then lose it, then proceeded to not find any houses they liked at all! So began the waiting game for MrB and I…we had everything in place and were ready to go, but couldn’t – it was all so frustrating.

To make matters worse, we were on the brink of losing the buyer to our flat and so made the decision to move out and find somewhere for the three of us to live, whilst storing the entire contents of our first home in a storage unit 😩 It quickly became one of the most stressful times of the year – and the most emotional. Seeing all of your most treasured items balanced precariously on top of each other did nothing for my increasing grey hairs, so I decided that I wouldn’t visit. Well…not if I didn’t have to. Thankfully my aunt came to our rescue and temporarily let us stay in her spare room whilst it was vacant for a few months. At this point Leo was only 5 months old and causing havoc: digging up the garden; chewing ornaments; climbing into the bedrooms; stealing teddies; eating everything!! We were lucky that she was so understanding for the three months we ended up staying for.

It finally took our sellers 6 months to find a house they loved, and it then became an all systems go approach to make sure we were in for Christmas. During this time we had to leave my Aunts and move into my parents, where my younger sister and her boyfriend were also staying whilst their own house purchase went through! For two crazy weeks their poor home comprised of 6 adults and an 8 month old puppy (thank god he’d grown out of most of his destructive phase!).  We puppy proofed their immaculate leather sofas and kept our fingers crossed he wouldn’t make any type of mess on their pristine carpets…

And then we exchanged contracts!

13 months from when we first started the process, we had actually exchanged contracts. It would be only 10 days later that we would collect the keys to our beautiful forever home!

I still can’t believe we actually made it. Looking back now it seems like a distant dream that we can laugh about over a glass of wine. We ended up moving in 10 days before Christmas and within two days of unpacking boxes I already had the Christmas tree up (totally obsessed with Christmas!). In the madness and excitement of it all I also decided I would host Christmas for both of our families – 10 people for dinner…18 people in the evening…!!! It was probably both the best and worst decision to make so soon after moving in, but seeing everyone celebrating in our new home made it all worth while.

Safe to say I have never been more glad to see the back of a year, and we welcomed 2017 in style. This will be the year we truly make a stamp on our lovely home, and I can’t wait to use this blog for what it was originally intended! Actually documenting our renovation process and keeping all our treasured memories of our journey as a family in our wonderful new home.

Here’s to 2017…let’s do this!



    • March 23, 2017 / 12:09 pm

      Thanks! So happy after 13 months of house moving stress. All worth it in the end x

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