Third Time Lucky?

5 months!!!

Five whole huge gaping months of stress have passed since I last wrote anything on here. What a five months they have been.

I think I felt that by not writing about our move, we might actually have some luck! …fat chance of that. 

Even though this is only a short post, I am definitely overdue an update on our house move saga. So much has happened, that I’ve almost lost track! Most of our house news has been bad news, so instead of boring you with the fine details, I thought I’d skip to the good bits…

It is now nearly 9 months since we started the house-buying process, and we are now, once again, starting from scratch. Since I last wrote, Mr B and I have lost a total of two houses, on the week of exchanging contracts.

Now, over 20 house viewings later, and growing increasingly more frustrated and annoyed with estate agents (and pretty much people in general), I had become numb to house hunting disappointment. Those horrendous houses I spoke about before are now 20% more expensive!!

Finally…after stalking the owners of a beautiful house in the same village, and being invited in for an impromptu viewing, we fell in love.

House no.3 (third time luckily hey!) and I have to say, this one is definitely special. Our favourite by a mile, which is good considering we lost the others!

We’ve actually become friendly with the owners again, and have visited the property three times so far. Well, twice to actually look at the property, and once to eat a ton of cheese and drink copious amounts of wine until 1am, by which time I had to be coaxed back home and subsequently woke with an awful hangover!

Needless to say, this house and its current owners are fabulous, and we are so excited at the prospect of (hopefully this time!!!) moving in.

I will then, of course, be posting blog after blog after blog, following our renovation journey in our new home.

Until then…keep your fingers crossed for us!


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