From Heels to Hunters

Humph! I’ve decided this whole house buying malarkey is completely overrated. I can’t wait for it to all be over.

I was going to post a blog up here last week about the wonderful world of house buying, and then something else went ‘tits up’! Arghhhh! Who am I kidding? When will it end?! 

In fact, I think it’s safe to say I’m not one of those house hunting bunnies, springing from house to house, with an enviable glow of over-eager anticipation. No. That’s definitely not me. I’m the one who has hated every moment and complained throughout the whole process.

From the very beginning, Mr B took to house hunting like a fish to water – I was definitely more like a fish out of water…like I said, not for me.

I found myself being critical of EVERYTHING I saw?! I mean ‘literally’ everything, that normally wouldn’t have really bothered me (although who seriously puts the main bathroom off of the lounge? Or decides to paint beautiful natural oak floorboards jet black?!). Whilst walking around a house that was no bigger than our one bedroom flat, and smelt like a tobacco factory, yet charging an extortionate amount for what I can only deduce as the addition of a flight of stairs, I thought that was it! We were bound to be stuck in the flat for the next 50 years, as we would never be able to find anything to suit our (my) taste!

However 10 house visits later, Mr B happened to view a house whilst I was working and couldn’t wait to phone me to tell me he had just stepped into the place he wanted us to have a family. This sudden and unexpected outpouring of emotion resulted in my rushing around as soon as I could to see for myself…and I wasn’t disappointed.

The boy did good!

An understated 1930s, semi detached home in a little Surrey village. Perfect in every way. More than enough room for a family (and a dog! Hooray!), walking distance to the bakeries, flower shops, and miles and miles of fields! It was love at first sight. Three viewings later we had made an offer and, after a bit of back and forth (and plenty of tears), it was accepted!

However that day of happiness and excitement combined with lots and lots of champagne – was short lived.

Right from the start, we were faced with completely incompetent solicitors that we had to ‘break up’ with, as we realised (luckily quite early into our turbulent relationship) were actually so awful at their job that they had actually forgotten to DO any of their job, followed by the consistent flow of mortgage issues that I’m sure are fabricated based on their current mood of day, and the “surprise” charges that seem to appear out of nowhere, from the world and his wife.

Now to top it all off, our buyer has pulled out! About two weeks before we were due to exchange – how lovely of them! Mr B and I are now frantically cleaning and tidying the flat, ready for the million-and-one viewings booked in for the next two days. I am trying to remain positive, but this has definitely been testing my usual ‘glass half full’ mentality. I’ve resigned myself to never moving again. EVER.

…humph! Not for me.

Out of all of this constant worry and anxiety however, has developed the loveliest of relationships between Mr B and I, and the wonderful couple we are buying our new home off of…Mr and Mrs G. They have become surrogate ‘house parents’ and have kept both Mr B and myself calm throughout the whole process so far. It’s amazing how you can make such lovely friends in such a stressful time.

Once this nightmare has ended, we can all sit back and enjoy a (very large) glass of wine together.

I’m counting down the days…



    • February 11, 2016 / 11:57 am

      Oh no! Hehe I think we are just the unluckiest house hunters ever. Hopefully over the next couple of months I’ll be posting about all the exciting bits – like renovating! Fingers crossed 🙂

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